Xi Jinping of a million peppercorns

The original artist from the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) Pavel Bondar is back in business! His artworks are distinguished by the fact that in case of failure, they can always be eaten. Pavel Bondar introduced the idea of ​​using food as a means of self-expression on canvas.

Instead of the usual paints and oils, when depicting Chinese President Xi Jinping, the artist used thousands of grains of red pepper and spices.

Xi Jinping

“When creating the portrait, I used the technique of pointelism,” said Pavel. – this is when a picture is composed of dots of paint. Slowly and painstakingly scattering ground pepper, I imagined the ancient culture, hard work and spirit of the Chinese people. So, not noticing the passage of time, I completely immersed myself in the process of displaying my own feelings. By adjusting the density and the number of peppercorns with a brush, I managed to create a lot of transitions, highlight the little things that ultimately made the portrait so vivid ”.

Painstaking work and a broad outlook on things allowed Pavel Bondar to endow the portrait of Xi Jinping with a sacred meaning – Chinese society also consists of a billion peppers and spices, but only their strict arrangement forms the overall appearance of the entire nation.


Pasta President of Italy Sergio Mattarella

Food artist from Dnipro (Ukraine) Pavel Bondar continues to delight connoisseurs of contemporary art with his talent for finding non-standard use of food. The Ukrainian artist has already created dozens of portraits of famous personalities using what we are used to only eating.

Among his most recent works is the image of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, from what do you think? Of course, this is a world-famous pasta! So, the artist added food from the Dnieper to the sensational collection “Tasty Faces” with a portrait of Sergio Mattarella.

Sergio Mattarella

“Recently I realized that the shape of the pasta allows you to bring out almost any contour,” admits Pavel. – And of course, the image of the Italian president, like the main course, would not be complete without tomato sauce. Thanks to the flexibility of the ready-made pasta, I was able to flawlessly bring out the lines and curves, and the presence of a bright, red sauce emphasized the accents and features of Mattarello’s face. ”
In the portrait of the Italian leader, Pavel conveyed the emotionality, appetizing and simplicity inherent in the Italian mentality.

Sergio himself is an ardent supporter of his homeland, loves to travel through its territory, appreciates works of art and, of course, Italian cuisine. Surely Mattarello would have appreciated the filigree skill and deep message of the Ukrainian artist.


Pedro Sanchez with lettuce and olives

Continuing the series of paintings “Tasty Faces” Pavel Bondar never ceases to amaze the audience with a completely non-standard approach to contemporary art. The new object of his indefatigable inspiration was the image of the young Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez.

Pedro Sanchez

“This portrait is executed in several styles at once, – said the artist. – The greens of parsley and dill allowed playing with the shape of the hairstyle, giving it richness and density. Interspersed with olives and lettuce formed dark places for the contrast of the picture, and the balsamic sauce was able to accurately convey the transitions of light and emphasize the expressiveness of the black eyes of the Spanish Prime Minister. ”
The image of Pedro Sanchez through the eyes of Paul conveyed the whole essence of Spain: the cloudless clarity of the weather, the juicy colorful nature and the naturalness inherent in the Spaniards.
It is known that Pedro Sanchez himself adheres to a healthy lifestyle, loves sports, is open to communication with people and prefers vegetables and herbs.


Portrait of Emmanuel Macron: some cheese and wine

Artist Pavel Bondar continues to develop his own project “Tasty Faces”, again surprising and delighting his fans around the world. One of his last works was a portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron. And again, it was not without the use of food! What did the food artist come up with this time ?!

Relying on his own taste, Pavel Bondar felt like a French for a while. He uncorked a bottle of wine, cut some cheese and began to express his mood on the canvas.

Emmanuel Macron

What else comes to mind when we hear about France? Pavel Bondar brilliantly expressed the gastronomic preferences of the whole country, portraying the leader with the most suitable products to taste. Thus, Pavel delighted connoisseurs of contemporary art with a portrait of the French leader made of wine and cheese.
“The wine was perfect for my idea, – the artist shared the process of work. – By applying it in several layers on the canvas, I managed to achieve translucent shades of different saturation. To emphasize some details, grapes were used and then the color became darker. Roquefort’s corners served as a logical conclusion, as the most suitable element for wine ”.

By the way, Emmanuel Macron himself drinks an ancient French drink twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. So his image, saturated with wine, is quite appropriate and reflects the gastronomic essence and traditions of the people of France.
Pavel Bondar is also sure that food-painting is the kind of art that is subconsciously available to each of us.


Royal oatmeal

How often you wondered – what can be made from oatmeal? Ukrainian artist Pavel Bondar seems to have an inexhaustible supply of inspiration – he already has dozens of portraits of famous personalities depicted by food.

Another masterpiece was the image of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, made with only oatmeal. All the severity, nobility and sophistication of a person of royal origin is reflected in a thousand shades of just two colors. So, Pavel Bondar continued the series of paintings “Tasty faces” with a portrait of Elizabeth II.
“Using grains of different grinds, I was able to accurately recreate the correct features of the queen’s face,” says Pavel. “This laborious and painstaking work brought me real satisfaction.”

Elizabeth II

The art project “Tasty Faces” became known all over the world, and its author Pavel Bondar became famous thanks to his talent and immense imagination. The magic of this artist’s paintings is striking in its simplicity and depth at the same time.

“It is known that in England almost every inhabitant of England prefers oatmeal for breakfast, including the queen. In addition, I had this product at home, and having accidentally scattered it one day, I realized that it was good for creating something interesting, ”says Pavel about his creative process.
The portrait of the Queen of England has become a kind of symbol of creativity available to everyone – you just have to look at things we are used to from a new perspective and believe in yourself. Then even the most ordinary oatmeal can serve as a prototype for depicting the character of an entire nation.


Corn Donald Trump

During the worldwide quarantine, the artist from Dnipro, Pavel Bondar, spent time in self-isolation for the benefit of both himself and the art world. In days gone by, his sensational collection “Tasty Faces” was continued – this time, Donald Trump himself was under the gun of taste.
The resourceful artist made the portrait of the American president from bright yellow corn grains.

“Trump’s bright and temperamental personality attracts the attention of the whole world,” says Pavel. – To convey the essence of the American president, my choice fell on a whimsical, complex, but interesting material – corn. At the very beginning of the creation of the portrait, I had to defy the unknown – after all, I had only a canvas and two cans of canned corn at my disposal. What can come of this? I didn’t know either, but I got to work. Casting aside doubts, I went into the process with all dedication … ”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s portrait of corn is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Looking at it closely, you will see nothing but grains scattered all over the place. However, it is worth looking at from a distant perspective, and now you have a full-fledged silhouette of one of the most odious personalities in politics.

Straightforward and tough, Trump does not hesitate to say in public what he thinks, and not what they want to hear from him. Moreover, his ambitions are much broader, and his personality is deeper than it might seem at first glance.
By the way, the American president himself hardly feasts on corn – his main diet includes hamburgers, cola, pastries and fries. And do not forget the old Russian proverb: “Whoever sows corn gets richer”!


German Chancellor Angela Merkel made of beer and sausages

Ukrainian artist Pavel Bondar continues to amaze with his very special manner of handling products. Recently, his author’s project “Tasty Faces” was replenished with paintings by famous world leaders, among whom was Angela Merkel.

Portraying the German Chancellor, Pavel Bondar used two of the most popular German products – dark beer and sausages. At the same time, the artist had to work hard to make his own “beer paint”.
“I had to boil the beer until a thick sediment settled at the bottom,” says Pavel Bondar about the work process. “The result is something like a watercolor, which is easy and convenient to work with.”

Paul recently spent one month in Germany, which allowed him to accurately convey the national characteristics of the Germans.
“Angela’s smile gives me a positive feeling, in general, people in those parts like to relax, lead an active life, get together and have fun,” says the artist.

Angela Merkel

Looking at the portrait of Angela, one feels that the author is trying to convey her calm, light and pragmatic character.

It is known that the first female chancellor of Germany leads a modest lifestyle. At the same time, he has incredible persistence and confidence. Among her favorite hobbies is cooking. Angela Merkel herself goes grocery shopping, enjoys making dough and takes part in cooking shows. The Chancellor is often spotted at beer festivals, and her favorite beer is Spaten with a Bavarian sausage appetizer.

It is quite obvious that Pavel Bondar and Angela Merkel have something to talk about …


Portrait of Elizabeth II made of porridge

Young and talented artist Pavel Bondar presented his new work as part of his author’s project “Delicious Faces”. An artist who paints with food painted an unusual portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England.
For the whole world, Elizabeth II is greatness and nobility, English restraint combined with royal generosity. Pavel Bondar presents the whole story to everyone’s eyes in a new portrait. The Queen of Great Britain is depicted on a dark canvas using oatmeal. All the severity and sophistication is presented in just two colors, but in thousands of shades. Painstaking, hours-long work. Grains of flakes of different grinding are added to the correct facial features, the history of an entire state in the person of the great empress.

Elizabeth II

It is not without reason that Pavel chose this particular material to create the picture. The real English breakfast is oatmeal. Breakfast of an aristocrat or breakfast of a simple Englishman. Oatmeal with syrup or oatmeal in the water. Who would have thought that an everyday food product could unite an entire country. What could be simpler and at the same time as multifaceted as this portrait?

– It has long been no secret that the Queen’s daily breakfast consists of oatmeal, – artist Pavel Bondar comments on his work. – Oatmeal is eaten, perhaps, every second in England. And rightly so – oatmeal is considered a healthy product. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Queen of England is in great shape. Of course, oatmeal is also an affordable drawing product, which, as it turned out, was at my place. One of these days. When I scattered the packaging of oatmeal, I realized that you can not only eat it, but also use it as a material to create something interesting. So I got the idea to paint a portrait of Elizabeth II.
Themselves oatmeal Pavel Bondar used as reflections of light on his face. For several hours in a row I laid out one piece on the canvas. Where there is more light, there is more porridge. And vice versa, where there is less light on the face, there is no light. To create smooth transitions of light and shade, the same oatmeal was used, only crushed.
“With this portrait, I wanted to show that everything exquisite is simple,” continues Pavel Bondar. – That even from such a seemingly ordinary product it is possible to make a portrait of the queen herself. And when you look at the portrait a little from a distance, one gets the feeling that it is made of golden scales.


Benjamin John Whishaw Vanilla and Cinnamon Portrait

Pavel Bondar’s art project Tasty Faces has been replenished with a new unusual portrait. This time, the young artist presented to the audience a portrait of British actor Benjamin John Whishaw, starring Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Suskind.

Benjamin John Whishaw

Young artist Pavel Bondar creates portraits of famous people from food. Pavel combined all his works into one project, for which he came up with the name Tasty Faces. Indeed, every portrait is delicious and you want to eat it. For example, Pavel Bondar created a portrait of the most odious singer on the planet Lady GaGa from banana, kiwi and pomegranate. The portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England was made with oatmeal. Creating a portrait of the French singer Mylène Farmer, the young artist used red wine and grapes in his arsenal. Pavel painted a portrait of the American pop diva Beyoncé with fragrant chocolate. Working on the portrait of the Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the star of the famous film “Memoirs of a Geisha,” the artist used a whole dish – sushi. Using soy sauce, he first painted the facial features of a beautiful Chinese woman, and then added volume to the image using edible nori seaweed, red caviar, rice, ginger and even wasabi.

The new work of Pavel Bondar is created from vanilla and cinnamon. Pavel was inspired to this experiment by watching the 2006 film Perfumer: The Story of a Murderer, based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Suskind. Thus, Pavel’s collection “Tasty Faces” was replenished with a portrait of the British actor Benjamin John Whishaw, the leading role of perfumer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.
And if the artist created his previous works exclusively on canvases, then with the creation of a portrait of Benjamin John Whishaw, Paul decided to go on an ambiguous experiment. Pavel painted the image of the perfumer on … a naked female body.
Bondar used two products that are most often used in cooking and perfumery – cinnamon and vanilla as ingredients of his “tasty portrait”.
“The cinnamon and vanilla chosen for the portrait are one of the most popular“ sweet ”oriental spices,” says the artist. – Each of these products exudes a bright aroma, and together they are very combined. And the white-brown range that these spices create creates a high contrast of expressiveness. The friability of these spices conveys freedom and lightness.
As Pavel Bondar admits, the hero of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the 2006 film “Perfume” made a great impression on him.

– Thirsting passionately and in spite of everything to embody the most beautiful aroma that no one had ever felt, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was in search, an eternal search for beauty as a real artist, – says Pavel Bondar about his impressions of the film. – Walking around the city, the perfumer breathed in different aromas. One by one, they excited his imagination. When I think about painting a new portrait, I find myself in a similar search. And perhaps he is also ready to do a lot to fulfill his dream – to try to create such a portrait, looking at which you can freeze with delight. This is the essence of the artist – to be on the lookout, to create magnificent creative motives that are passed on in subsequent time eras.

Банановая Lady GaGa

Banana Lady GaGa

Bright orange juice, fleshy banana peel, juicy kiwi and ripe pomegranate – from such a fruit mix, artist Pavel Bondar created a portrait of the most odious singer on the planet – Lady GaGa.

Banana Lady GaGa

A young talented artist from Dnepropetrovsk Pavel Bondar creates amazing portraits of celebrities using … food as a palette. Paul’s “colors” are not only wine or coffee, more or less suitable for painting, but even such unexpected materials as spices, tea and even bread.

His collection of “Delicious Portraits” already contains a portrait of the Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, which Paul created using black bread and tea. In the case of creating a portrait of the French singer Mylène Farmer, the young artist added red wine and grapes to his creative arsenal. And with chocolate, he painted a portrait of the American pop diva Beyoncé. While working on the portrait of the Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the star of the famous film “Memoirs of a Geisha,” the artist has already used a whole dish – sushi. Using soy sauce, he first painted the facial features of a beautiful Chinese woman, and then added volume to the image using edible nori seaweed, red caviar, rice, ginger and even wasabi.

– To draw a portrait made of food, you need to feel each ingredient, understand its properties, pass through yourself how it will look, how close it will come to the character in the picture, – Pavel Bondar tells about his work.

And here is the new work of the artist Pavel Bondar, who paints with food – a portrait of Lady GaGa, the queen of electronic pop music, whose songs have been recognized as the best international music awards, and the singer herself has been repeatedly recognized as a “style icon”.