The young artist Pavel Bondar undoubtedly surprises everyone with the flight of his boundless imagination. Presenting a unique in its kind art project “Tasty Faces” the author pretends to become a real provocateur of our time. Pavel Bondar presents to the audience a series of portraits made in a very unusual way – the author creates his works from food. The works of the young artist allow you to look at painting in a new way: portraits of the most famous people on the planet are made from food. Coffee, bread, wine, sushi, chocolate – Paul clearly does not limit himself in the choice of products. They are the material for him to paint his amazing portraits.

Pavel Bondar

The exposition, which Pavel Bondar called “Tasty Faces”, uses photo-reproductions of his unique paintings. The originals themselves, according to the author, do not live long and deteriorate quickly. The fragility of this unusual painting makes Paul’s work extremely original.

Pavel Bondar captures the stages of creating each of his “tasty” portraits on a video camera fixed above the canvas. This allows you to trace the step-by-step creation of these amazing portraits on white paper. Red wine drying on the canvas, bitter chocolate spreading on the canvas, and bread exuding an extraordinary aroma – all these products replace the artist’s colors.

And everything seems so simple and easy that immediately there is a desire to try this painting technique for yourself – well, at least in your plate.

Pavel considers himself a free artist, ready for various kinds of experiments.

Pavel Bondar

– I do not limit myself to certain material, I see mine in life as a path of changes, new trials, attempts and trials, – says Pavel.

Pavel Bondar was born in 1990 in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. Pavel devoted most of his life to his favorite business – drawing. It is impossible to count how many drawings the 24-year-old artist created – he painted in oils, pencils, watercolors and multi-colored crayons. Paul admits that he is a happy person, because he does what he does best. And with great pleasure and generosity, he shares his experience and his own work with other people.

Pavel Bondar

Over the past four years, Pavel Bondar has excelled in teaching art. His lectures and practical classes are attended by all those who dream of learning how to draw and take their first steps into the exciting world of drawings. Filled with interesting information and practical knowledge, lessons help people of all ages to overcome their fears, discover their creativity and create the first works in their life.

People from many cities with different levels of artistic skills come to the master classes of Pavel Bondar. And they all have one thing in common – the desire to learn how to draw. For several years of teaching, Pavel helped hundreds of people succeed in what they all dreamed of – drawing their own works.

Pavel Bondar

Paul admits that when creating his works, the process is primarily important for him, not the result. This is precisely where the success of the paintings of the young and talented artist lies. And Paul shares this success with other people every day, explaining to them that you can find yourself only if you look for yourself. He tells in detail and step by step about the creative process and gives people the opportunity to reveal themselves.