Xi Jinping of a million peppercorns

The original artist from the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) Pavel Bondar is back in business! His artworks are distinguished by the fact that in case of failure, they can always be eaten. Pavel Bondar introduced the idea of ​​using food as a means of self-expression on canvas.

Instead of the usual paints and oils, when depicting Chinese President Xi Jinping, the artist used thousands of grains of red pepper and spices.

Xi Jinping

“When creating the portrait, I used the technique of pointelism,” said Pavel. – this is when a picture is composed of dots of paint. Slowly and painstakingly scattering ground pepper, I imagined the ancient culture, hard work and spirit of the Chinese people. So, not noticing the passage of time, I completely immersed myself in the process of displaying my own feelings. By adjusting the density and the number of peppercorns with a brush, I managed to create a lot of transitions, highlight the little things that ultimately made the portrait so vivid ”.

Painstaking work and a broad outlook on things allowed Pavel Bondar to endow the portrait of Xi Jinping with a sacred meaning – Chinese society also consists of a billion peppers and spices, but only their strict arrangement forms the overall appearance of the entire nation.