Royal oatmeal

How often you wondered – what can be made from oatmeal? Ukrainian artist Pavel Bondar seems to have an inexhaustible supply of inspiration – he already has dozens of portraits of famous personalities depicted by food.

Another masterpiece was the image of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, made with only oatmeal. All the severity, nobility and sophistication of a person of royal origin is reflected in a thousand shades of just two colors. So, Pavel Bondar continued the series of paintings “Tasty faces” with a portrait of Elizabeth II.
“Using grains of different grinds, I was able to accurately recreate the correct features of the queen’s face,” says Pavel. “This laborious and painstaking work brought me real satisfaction.”

Elizabeth II

The art project “Tasty Faces” became known all over the world, and its author Pavel Bondar became famous thanks to his talent and immense imagination. The magic of this artist’s paintings is striking in its simplicity and depth at the same time.

“It is known that in England almost every inhabitant of England prefers oatmeal for breakfast, including the queen. In addition, I had this product at home, and having accidentally scattered it one day, I realized that it was good for creating something interesting, ”says Pavel about his creative process.
The portrait of the Queen of England has become a kind of symbol of creativity available to everyone – you just have to look at things we are used to from a new perspective and believe in yourself. Then even the most ordinary oatmeal can serve as a prototype for depicting the character of an entire nation.