Pedro Sanchez with lettuce and olives

Continuing the series of paintings “Tasty Faces” Pavel Bondar never ceases to amaze the audience with a completely non-standard approach to contemporary art. The new object of his indefatigable inspiration was the image of the young Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez.

Pedro Sanchez

“This portrait is executed in several styles at once, – said the artist. – The greens of parsley and dill allowed playing with the shape of the hairstyle, giving it richness and density. Interspersed with olives and lettuce formed dark places for the contrast of the picture, and the balsamic sauce was able to accurately convey the transitions of light and emphasize the expressiveness of the black eyes of the Spanish Prime Minister. ”
The image of Pedro Sanchez through the eyes of Paul conveyed the whole essence of Spain: the cloudless clarity of the weather, the juicy colorful nature and the naturalness inherent in the Spaniards.
It is known that Pedro Sanchez himself adheres to a healthy lifestyle, loves sports, is open to communication with people and prefers vegetables and herbs.