Pasta President of Italy Sergio Mattarella

Food artist from Dnipro (Ukraine) Pavel Bondar continues to delight connoisseurs of contemporary art with his talent for finding non-standard use of food. The Ukrainian artist has already created dozens of portraits of famous personalities using what we are used to only eating.

Among his most recent works is the image of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, from what do you think? Of course, this is a world-famous pasta! So, the artist added food from the Dnieper to the sensational collection “Tasty Faces” with a portrait of Sergio Mattarella.

Sergio Mattarella

“Recently I realized that the shape of the pasta allows you to bring out almost any contour,” admits Pavel. – And of course, the image of the Italian president, like the main course, would not be complete without tomato sauce. Thanks to the flexibility of the ready-made pasta, I was able to flawlessly bring out the lines and curves, and the presence of a bright, red sauce emphasized the accents and features of Mattarello’s face. ”
In the portrait of the Italian leader, Pavel conveyed the emotionality, appetizing and simplicity inherent in the Italian mentality.

Sergio himself is an ardent supporter of his homeland, loves to travel through its territory, appreciates works of art and, of course, Italian cuisine. Surely Mattarello would have appreciated the filigree skill and deep message of the Ukrainian artist.