German Chancellor Angela Merkel made of beer and sausages

Ukrainian artist Pavel Bondar continues to amaze with his very special manner of handling products. Recently, his author’s project “Tasty Faces” was replenished with paintings by famous world leaders, among whom was Angela Merkel.

Portraying the German Chancellor, Pavel Bondar used two of the most popular German products – dark beer and sausages. At the same time, the artist had to work hard to make his own “beer paint”.
“I had to boil the beer until a thick sediment settled at the bottom,” says Pavel Bondar about the work process. “The result is something like a watercolor, which is easy and convenient to work with.”

Paul recently spent one month in Germany, which allowed him to accurately convey the national characteristics of the Germans.
“Angela’s smile gives me a positive feeling, in general, people in those parts like to relax, lead an active life, get together and have fun,” says the artist.

Angela Merkel

Looking at the portrait of Angela, one feels that the author is trying to convey her calm, light and pragmatic character.

It is known that the first female chancellor of Germany leads a modest lifestyle. At the same time, he has incredible persistence and confidence. Among her favorite hobbies is cooking. Angela Merkel herself goes grocery shopping, enjoys making dough and takes part in cooking shows. The Chancellor is often spotted at beer festivals, and her favorite beer is Spaten with a Bavarian sausage appetizer.

It is quite obvious that Pavel Bondar and Angela Merkel have something to talk about …