Merkel from beer, Trump from corn: Russian artist painted politicians with food

The talented craftsman Pavel Bondar creates portraits from food.

What to do in self-isolation? For artists, the answer to this question is obvious – to paint. The portrait painter Pavel Bondar, for example, continued his series of paintings “Tasty Faces”, in which he depicts famous people with the help of food products that somehow relate to these personalities. Previously, he created a portrait of Lady Gaga from fruits and raw meat, painted Mylene Farmer with red wine, and Beyoncé with a combination of dark and milk chocolate.

Mylene Farmer

In self-isolation, the artist devoted his work to politicians, since the situation with the coronavirus pandemic largely depended on their decisions. Each figure is depicted with a product specific to their country.

So the following appeared in the Bondar collection:

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Bavarian sausages and beer;
  • outrageous US President Donald Trump from corn;
  • Queen Elizabeth II of England from oatmeal;
  • French President Emmanuel Macron of wine and cheese;
  • President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping of pepper and spices;
  • Italian President Sergio Mattarella from pasta and other national leaders.

The hardest thing for the artist was working with corn, it was a completely new material for him.

“In creating the portrait, I came face to face with the unknown. In front of me is just a gray leaf and two cans of canned corn. Is it worth challenging yourself? Yes, it is necessary, always “, – the portal quotes Bondar.


Ilya Bogomolov for