Tasty faces of Pavel Bondar

During self-isolation, an artist from Dnipro created food portraits of world leaders. The artist’s author’s project Tasty Faces was replenished with images of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, American President Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez, Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Creative people spend their time in quarantine creatively too. Dnipro artist Pavel Bondar continued to create unusual portraits of famous people from his Tasty Faces series. A talented artist draws not with paints, but with food. Pavel Bondar’s food work became famous all over the world after he created a portrait of Lady Gaga from fruit and a piece of raw meat, a portrait of Donald Trump from dill, Mylene Farmer from red wine, and Beyoncé – from dark and milk chocolate.

Angela Merkel from sausages and beer

Angela Merkel’s portrait is primarily an ode to Bavarian sausages and beer. The artist depicted the Chancellor of Germany as one of the most popular German drinks and snacks. The basis of the portrait is “beer paint”, which Pavel Bondar made from dark beer. “I had to heat up the beer to the maximum temperature so that the thickness settled to the bottom,” the artist tells about the process of work. – To find the right shade, I applied in several layers. I easily worked with paint such as watercolors, which made the portrait more vivid. ”

According to the food artist, in the portrait of Merkel, he wanted, first of all, to convey her character, nobility and optimism.
“Looking at the smile and eyes of Angela Merkel, one can feel the positive. Germans love to relax, lead an active lifestyle, get together with campaigns and have fun, ”says artist Pavel Bondar.

By the way, the self-isolation regime for German Chancellor Angela Merkel was not easy: She has been in isolation since March 22 after contact with an infected coronavirus. All three of Merkel’s tests done during this period were negative. According to the chancellor, she spent 14 days in home quarantine and now she better understands people who are forced to stay at home. “Now I am aware of myself: 14 days at home, 14 days only on the phone and on the Internet in touch with the world is not easy,” Merkel admitted.

Donald Trump from corn

The portrait of American President Donald Trump is painted with grains of bright yellow corn on a gray background.

“Donald Trump is a temperamental person who likes to declare himself very brightly,” says the artist Pavel Bondar. – And my choice of the material with which I created this portrait is not accidental. Corn is a complex material, whimsical but interesting. By creating the porter, I came face to face with the unknown. In front of me is just a gray leaf and two cans of canned corn. Is it worth challenging yourself? Yes, you need to, always. You need to immerse yourself in the process. Then a new mind opens, your vision of what is happening. This portrait is a confirmation of the fact that in order to see the whole, one must step back. Looking into the details, you will see scattered corn kernels, and when you move back, they turn into a full-fledged silhouette. ”

Today, there are more than 3 million people infected with coronavirus in the world. Of these, more than 1 million are infected in the United States. American President Donald Trump said that the United States intends to find out the whole truth about the origin of the coronavirus. The president himself does not violate the quarantine, but his family members left the White House for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Elizabeth II from oatmeal

The food-painting artist created a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. The Queen of Great Britain is depicted on a dark canvas using oatmeal. All the severity and sophistication is presented in just two colors, but in thousands of shades. Painstaking, hours-long work. Grains of flakes of different grinding are added to the correct facial features, the history of an entire state in the person of the great empress.

The real English breakfast is oatmeal. Breakfast of an aristocrat or breakfast of a simple Englishman. Oatmeal with syrup or oatmeal in the water. Who would have thought that an everyday food product could unite an entire country. What could be simpler and at the same time as multifaceted as this portrait?

Pedro Sanchez with lettuce and olives

According to the artist Pavel Bondar, he is always attracted and admired in his paintings – these are the details. The portrait of the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping is made using the pointelism technique – this is when a piece is created from dots of paint. In the case of Pavel Bondar, he created a portrait of the Chinese leader from grains of red pepper and spices. Spicy, sweet and sour spices are added to almost every Chinese dish.

The portrait of the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, is made in mixed media and conveys joy with its vivid motives. In his work on this portrait, the artist Pavel Bondar combined the Spanish sun and the naturalness that is inherent in the Spaniards.

“Lettuce and olives form dark spots. This is especially evident in the hair and eyebrows. Parsley and dill greens perfectly express the thickness and richness of hair, allow you to play with the shape and find the right position. The balsamic sauce was able to show the transitions of light on the face, as if real eyes from the reflection of light in the sauce. The balsamic color turned out to be flesh, and it was absorbed into the paper, while the rest of the elements are textured. ”

Spain is one of the five countries hardest hit by COVID-19. The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, said that Spain has taken the most stringent quarantine measures in Europe. The prime minister is confident that this is “the biggest health threat to the planet since the flu in 1918, the so-called Spanish flu.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella from pasta

What comes to mind when I think of Italy? Pizza, wine and of course pasta! It was she who made the portrait of Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

“The finished paste is very easy in technique, and you can make any contour, line, bend for it,” says the artist Pavel Bondar about the process of creating a portrait. – Both the main course and this picture would not be complete without the seasoning. It is served with tomato sauce. Its bright, red color emphasized the accents in the portrait, highlighted the features. “

According to the artist, people in Italy are emotional and eloquent. And even more so to sit at home for a month categorically does not fit with the national spirit of this country, but there is nowhere to go.

“I watched with interest on TV how, from the first days of self-isolation, many Italians were optimistic,” says Pavel Bondar. – To maintain the morale of the inhabitants of the country, Italians all over the country carried out flash mobs every day. One evening they even turned off the lights in the apartments and went out onto the balcony, lit candles and flashlights on mobile phones and shone them into the sky. The satellite flying over Italy was supposed to photograph the glowing Italy from space. “

Xi Jinping from pepper and spices

“Millimeter by millimeter, scattering ground pepper on top with my fingers, I thought about China, about its Great culture, spirituality, and hard work,” says Pavel. – It inspired me and allowed me not to notice the passage of time. With a brush in my hair, I could easily make light streaks, which conveys the shape of the hairstyle. Larger peppers were placed in the places of the eyes and mouth in order to somehow distinguish them from the general background. Many transitions were created in the work, and little things were taken into account, that’s why it turned out to be so realistic. Every peppercorn is a resident of China. Every detail of the portrait plays no less a role, like every Chinese in the development of his country … Only together they form a single whole and complete. ”

Emmanuel Macron from wine and cheese

Paris, romance, music, love. Here’s what Pavel Bondar, the author of the Tasty Faces project, came to mind about France. To create a portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron, it took a sheet of paper, a glass of red wine, Roquefort cheese and a few grapes.

“With the help of a brush, the wine was applied to watercolor paper,” says Pavel Bondar about the process of creating the portrait. – In places of saturation, grapes were added, and the color became darker. The wine made it possible to achieve unique translucent color shades on the leaf. The whole picture was completed by the corners of French Roquefort cheese, which goes well with wine. “

By the way, French President Emmanuel Macron does not particularly observe the self-isolation regime. He visited a factory for the production of medical masks, and later went to one of the districts of Paris to personally thank the Parisians for observing the self-isolation regime.

During his self-isolation, Macron earned political points. The rating of the head of state during the total quarantine reached a two-year maximum and increased by 13%. Macron’s activities are approved by 46% of the French. Experts associate such a rapid growth with the measures taken by the French authorities in the fight against the COVID-2019 epidemic.