The cost of popularity

Pavel Bondar, self-taught artist from Dnepropetrovsk

I started drawing before I spoke.
Painting genre – realistic portraits.

He paints the greats of this world with the products associated with them. In addition to the magnificent visual technique, the author is distinguished by a special vision. No one is immune from his free interpretation …

Zhang Ziyi

“For the portrait of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, I spent 4 hours laying out rice and carefully distributing hundreds of small pieces on the canvas.”


“Coffee is close to me in that it is similar to watercolor in consistency and application technique, I used to work with watercolors.”
“At first I painted Beyoncé’s portrait with the very bar of chocolate, which melted more and more in my hand. At the end of the work, my hands were covered in chocolate, I made the final strokes with my fingertips. “

Elizabeth II

“That even from such a seemingly ordinary product it is possible to make a portrait of the queen herself.”