Banana Lady GaGa

Bright orange juice, fleshy banana peel, juicy kiwi and ripe pomegranate – from such a fruit mix, artist Pavel Bondar created a portrait of the most odious singer on the planet – Lady GaGa.

Banana Lady GaGa

A young talented artist from Dnepropetrovsk Pavel Bondar creates amazing portraits of celebrities using … food as a palette. Paul’s “colors” are not only wine or coffee, more or less suitable for painting, but even such unexpected materials as spices, tea and even bread.

His collection of “Delicious Portraits” already contains a portrait of the Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, which Paul created using black bread and tea. In the case of creating a portrait of the French singer Mylène Farmer, the young artist added red wine and grapes to his creative arsenal. And with chocolate, he painted a portrait of the American pop diva Beyoncé. While working on the portrait of the Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the star of the famous film “Memoirs of a Geisha,” the artist has already used a whole dish – sushi. Using soy sauce, he first painted the facial features of a beautiful Chinese woman, and then added volume to the image using edible nori seaweed, red caviar, rice, ginger and even wasabi.

– To draw a portrait made of food, you need to feel each ingredient, understand its properties, pass through yourself how it will look, how close it will come to the character in the picture, – Pavel Bondar tells about his work.

And here is the new work of the artist Pavel Bondar, who paints with food – a portrait of Lady GaGa, the queen of electronic pop music, whose songs have been recognized as the best international music awards, and the singer herself has been repeatedly recognized as a “style icon”.