“Tasty faces” by Pavel Bondar

Pavel Bondar presents to the audience a series of portraits of famous people of the planet: the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, the Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the American singer Bience, the Canadian-Belgian singer Lara Fabian, which are made from food. Coffee, bread, wine, sushi, chocolate – the portrait painter clearly does not limit himself in the choice of products. They are material for him to write unique portraits.

One way or another, Pavel explains the choice of ingredients in his portraits by the fact that these products are directly related to the heroes of his portraits. The portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, for example, is made of bread. A very subtle, unexpected work will definitely surprise everyone, give birth to unusual feelings in him. Bread as a material was chosen by the author for a reason – for a long time the famous Dutch artist lived in poverty, and ate only bread and water.

Zhang Ziyi

The portrait of the famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi Paul created from sushi – the artist laid out grain by grain and distributed it on the canvas for 4 hours in a row. Working with material atypical for painting, according to Pavel, turned out to be quite painstaking. However, the result is admirable!

The portrait of the American R’n’B singer, actress, dancer and model is made of dark chocolate, which, according to Pavel, fully conveys the violent temperament of the recognized sex symbol. – At first, I painted the portrait of Biense with the very bar of chocolate, which melted more and more in my hand. And at the end of the work, my hands were covered in chocolate, I made the final strokes with my fingertips.

Lara Fabian

The portrait of the owner of a wonderful lyric soprano, Canadian-Belgian star Lara Fabian was painted using instant coffee. – Coffee is close to me in that it is similar to watercolor in consistency and application technique, and before I worked with watercolors, says the 24-year-old artist. – If you experiment with the degree of solubility and density, you get several rich, diverse shades. It helps to express all the beauty of the portrait, to make it come alive.

Mylene Farmer

The portrait of one of the most popular singers in France, Mylène Farmer, was painted using wine and grapes. – After listening to some compositions, I got the feeling that it is necessary to capture Mylene with wine, – says Pavel. – This is passion, France, her impudent and impetuous temperament.

The exposition, which Pavel Bondar called “Tasty Faces”, uses photo-reproductions of his unique paintings. The originals themselves, according to the author, do not live long and deteriorate quickly. The fragility of this unusual painting makes Paul’s work extremely original. – I do not limit myself to certain material, I see mine in life as a path of change, new trials, attempts and trials, – says Pavel.

Pavel Bondar devoted most of his life to his favorite business – drawing. It is impossible to count how many drawings the 24-year-old artist created – he painted in oils, pencils, watercolors and multi-colored crayons. Paul admits that he is a happy person, because he does what he does best. And with great pleasure and generosity, he shares his experience and his own work with other people. People from many cities with different levels of artistic skills come to the master classes of Pavel Bondar. And they all have one thing in common – the desire to learn how to draw. Over the course of several years of teaching, Pavel helped hundreds of people succeed in what they all dreamed of – drawing their own works.


Photo by: photo report Natalia Nechaeva